2013 Winners

christian heineking w frame shadow

RFDTV Grand Prix Winner:

Rider: Christian Heineking

Horse:  River of Dreams

Owner:  Caroline Jarr

theo genn w frame shadow

Mutual of Omaha Bank Speed Derby Winner:

Rider: Theo Genn

Horse:  Winchester

Owner:  Bridle Bourne Stable


2013 Awards

Baird Holm Attorneys at Law Leading Rider 2013:  Christian Heineking

Omaha Sports Commission Leading Amateur 2013:  Laura Linback

Breyer Leading Junior 2013:  Isabelle Terry

GGT Leading Owner 2013:  NKH LLC


Mutual of Omaha Bank Speed Derby Winners

  Place   Horse Owner (Last, First) Rider (Last, First)
1 Winchester Bridle Bourne Stable Genn, Theo
2 October Hill’s Cancho October Stables Limited Davis, Erin
3 NKH Selena NHH LLC Heneking, Christian
4 Elatrice Arao Enterprises LLC Rodgiquez, Andres
5 Cabaccito Arao Enterprises LLC Rodgiquez, Andres
6 Whittaker Woodrun Linback, Laura
7 Parodox Bruinsma,Tom Glenn, Theo
8 Ceonto Cudmore, Blair Cudmore, Karen


RFDTV Grand Prix Winners

  Place   Horse Owner  Rider 
 1  River of Dreams  Caroline Jahr  Christian Heineking
 2  NKH Selena  NKH LLC  Christian Heineking
 3 Caballito  Arao Enterprises LLC  Adres Rodriquez
 4 Winchester  Bridlebourne Stables, LLC  Theo Genn
 5 Elatrice Arao Enterprises LLC Andres Rodriquez
 6  Shea Blair Cudmore Karen Cudmore
 7 Ceonto Blair Cudmore Karen Cudmore
 8  October Hill’s Concho  October Hill Sales Limited  Erin Davis





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